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Help Syrian Refugees – Because We Carry

War is never about the civilians but always about those in power and yet it is always the civilians who suffer. The impact of the Syrian conflict on innocent families is tremendously. Yet the news and people seem to forget as time passes by even though the crisis still goes on. Here I’d like to share the story of Because We Carry, an organization who has been from start and still is committed in supporting the Syrian refugees.

No one has been left untouched by the image of the toddler who ended up dead at the Turkish beach in Bodrum. The boy as well his brother and mother all drowned while the father was able to swim to shore but left completely defeated by hearing the news of his family. He described to the authorities the horrific moment that his family slipped through his fingers as he screamed for help.

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It makes me feel just as helpless as you to have read this as well as so many other indescribable stories of people who have become victim of something they had nothing to do with.

Almost 4 million people have fled Syria since the start of the conflict, most of them women and children. It is one of the largest refugee exoduses in recent history.

3 Amazing yogini’s from the Netherlands founded Because We Carry. They saw on the news what was going and had to respond. Where governmental organizations were lacking in taking prompt action, they reached out immediately and started to collect baby carriers to help mothers carry their children during the long walking journey’s ahead. What started out as a small group of people has now grown into an inspiring organization where many volunteers sign up to support Because We Carry in Lesvos providing the refugees with food, dry clothing, carriers and moral support. I hope it encourages you to reach out and help make a difference whether this is as a volunteer or by donation. They need all the financial support to continue their work!

And for my fellow animal friends; one of the founders, has besides her dedication in helping the refugees also saved many dogs who were heavily underfed and often ill. She has taken care of these neglected animals and found new homes for them.

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3 yoginis because we carry

To me these girls show that we as the people have the power to create change so rather than waiting for governments or larger NGO’s to come into action, we as individuals can decide right now to make a difference.

There are many unimaginable horrors happening in our world on a daily basis. Many of them, we don’t have much influence on but often we are more capable in creating positive change then we allow ourselves to believe.

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