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What People Say About Me

Besides sharing the practice of yoga and meditation I also offer “vegan nutrition and lifestyle consulting with an ayurvedic touch”. Below you can read how people experience my guidance in either vegan consultations or yoga. For more info and pricing check the Sessions Page.

One of my first clients in vegan consulting is free runner and motivational speaker Sébastien Foucan:

– Thank you very much to Sharda to spend time with me and help me in my journey of Veganism. Beyond that it is a real pleasure to resonate at the same spiritual level. Merci for being a person who cares for the world!



– Two hours of Yoga with Sharda in a busy week is like escaping from the rough sea to a quiet and beautiful island and Sharda is the one, who will take you through the jagged shore line to the heart of the island. Konstanze

– After a busy day of work or day-off with my three children, I look forward to participating in Sharda’s dynamic flow yoga class, as I found out for me, nothing is more relaxing than an energetic though also spiritual yoga session. Each posture is presented in a step-by-step format, accessible to beginners, as confidence grows, more challenging variations are offered, focusing on alignment and the internal dynamics of each shape. And when tea and a blanket are presented.. all is good…  Vivien

– Last year I was diagnosed with “hernia”. I wasn’t able to do anything for a while. I did a lot of “lying on the couch” besides some short walks every day. My back was in pain, and so was I. Sharda suggested to do some exercise with her. So I started doing yoga with her. We started just the two of us. This was very good. I was afraid of moving, and I still had a lot of pain all over my body, mainly in the back. I was very stiff due to the lack of movement for months and months in a row. Sharda learned me step by step to trust my body again, to move my muscles. She introduced me to Yin Yoga. For a person who is used to do real rough sports, like climbing and mountaineering, it was complete new and kinda weird to just get a pose and sit into it (move by not-moving).Now I love it! I do Yin-Yoga on a weekly basis in a small group guided by Sharda. We start slow and always end in deep meditation. I’m stuck now; Sharda is always able to create a warm, loving and caring atmosphere, good spirit! It feeds the body and the soul. Namaste, Marian

– Sharda is a passionate yoga teacher and a sweet personality. I leave each class more loving and peaceful, lightened by the warmth she gives during the practice. Anca


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