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When I was 10 years old I decided to become vegetarian. Being half Indian and meat or fish being a rare dish on our table, my parents were both supportive of my decision.
It was however only until after the birth of my twins in April 2013 that I adopted a vegan lifestyle. The only thing I regret now is that I did not do this much earlier. Firstly because for so many years I was unaware of the horrors in the dairy industry and how this production together with the meat industry is so destructive for our planet. Secondly I feel so much better from the inside which absolutely also reflects on the outside and I would love for you to feel this way too!

I offer 5 kinds of private sessions:

Yoga and meditation


Private: We practice yoga according to your personal needs. This can be either dynamic or gentle. We finish with a meditation which we gradually build and I offer tools for your own home practice. Sessions are 1 up to 1,5 hour.

Group: Join me for weekly Friday morning ” Shakti Yoga and Juice” classes in Plai Laem from 9.30am – 10.45am.  Shakti yoga: Unleashes physical, mental and spiritual energies! Be prepared to sweat, all will be worth wile when you awaken from a well deserved savasana (relaxation) overlooking the ocean and a fresh organic home made juice awaits…  Mats/towels provided

30 Day Joyful Vegan Nutrition Plan

Over a period of 30 days I will create a vegan tailor made nutrition plan to help you make the shift towards a healthier and happier you. Once I know your body constitution (based on Ayurveda) you will receive:

  1. Weekly recipe list. Easy and quick to prepare. Including home made juices, smoothies and healthy snacks
  2. Weekly grocery list of organic shops in your area + which supermarkets sell vegan and healthy foods
  3. List of places in your work area where to eat vegan and healthy + list of restaurants where to go when dining out
  4. List of superfoods or supplements
  5. Fresh juices and or smoothies can be delivered to your work (or juices cleanses when needed), same goes for lunch
  6. Simple yoga exercises to support your healthy lifestyle

We will have contact once a week to evaluate and to see whether you need some food replacements. This program can also be done in combination with weekly private yoga sessions.


Vegan Cooking Workshops 

Option 1:Workshop lunch or dinner. We will together discuss a vegan meal which includes starter, main and dessert. I do the shopping and we cook a wholesome delicious lunch or dinner in your home.
                   Option 2:Workshop snacks, juices and smoothies. I bring the ingredients and together we will prepare some very yummy snacks and drinks. Perfect for after school snacks for your children or to fuel yourself during the day.                          Option 3: Workshop quick healthy recipes for kids. When having a family you don’t want to spend much time in the kitchen but still be able to nourish your children with healthy wholesome meals. After this workshop you will be equipped with enough easy, healthy and yummy recipes to satisfy your children’s tummies!

  • All workshops includes a recipe list and juice/snack or lunch (depending on which workshop you choose) and I only use organic products                                                                                                                                                                                         Great for birthdays, social gatherings or just for yourself!

Social Awareness consultations

Do you want to participate in a charitable organization or reach out to others in another way but you don’t know where to start?
I can help you find the perfect cause that fits in your schedule. This can be supporting a cause financially or practicing SEVA (selfless service) for a local non-profit organization.

Skype Consultations

After we have exchanged emails and I can get a good picture of what it is you want, we set up a call. This can be both motivational or informational.

All of the above can also be combined into a half or full day workshop. See below for pricing.

Additionally you can book me for motivational speaking about veganism or raising vegan children at schools, universities, firms or events.


  • 1 Hour sessions: from THB 1000 (depending on your location, the closer to me, the cheaper it will be).
  • 1,5 Hour session: from THB 1,250
  • Tailor Made 30 Day Vegan Nutrition and Yoga Plan: THB 5000
  • Tailor Made 30 Day Vegan Nutrition Plan only: THB 4000
  • Cooking workshop: THB1500
  • Weekly Yoga and Juice class: THB400 (price changes when purchasing a 5 or 10 session card)

twitter: Nowyoushine

Instagram: veganrebelyogini

+66 (0)96 848 75 96

Let’s join heart, mind and hands and create a kinder world for all.

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