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Why being vegan is not extreme

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Being vegetarian is mostly widely accepted but I still get funny questions and looks about being vegan. And in al honesty I get that. It was only 3 years ago that I shifted from 35 years vegetarianism to choosing to become vegan.

The shift had all to do with increased awareness, once I knew the stories behind the so called happy and free cows on most packages, I saw the painful sad truth and chose compassion over sensory pleasure (which was by the way very quickly vanished after knowing the truth).

So for those who think vegan is extreme or exaggerated here are my reasons:

A dairy cow has her first calf at around 18 months old.

Just like a human female, she is pregnant for nine months.

Typically, this calf is taken away from her within hours of birth.

This separation is traumatic for both mother and baby. Cows will often bellow for prolonged periods to be reunited, and will walk back and forth rapidly in distress, often for several days.

mamakissing baby cow

The milk that is meant for her baby is pumped out of her by machines, and given to us instead.

To ensure a constant supply of milk, a cow will suffer this same process of pregnancy and separation several times in her life.

She is caught in this cycle for as long as she can produce enough milk to be deemed ‘profitable’.

A dairy cow is forcibly impregnated, typically every 13 months. This means she will give birth to, and lose, a calf nearly every year.

A cow would naturally live until 15-20 years of age; because of the health toll of constant pregnancies and milk production, the lifespan of a dairy cow is only about five years.

Cows are beautiful, gentle animals and yet those 5 years on earth, they live in hell..

We are the only ones who can change this by changing our behavior. And honestly milk isn’t good for you either (opposed to what you have been made believed). There are many studies you can find online as well as many plant based dairy substitutes.

And last but certainly not least: the production of dairy and meat is one of the leading causes in global warming so even more reason to start breaking through this conditioning and make positive changes, better for you, the animals and the planet.

Do you still think that being vegan is extreme?



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Magical meeting in a vegan restaurant

Last year I spend a few day’s alone in Brighton. I love it there because of the long walks along the shore, the Buddhist meditation center and the many vegan cafe’s and restaurants.

One evening I was sitting in a vegan/vegetarian restaurant and I asked the waiter for the vegan menu. A couple next to me looked up and well, we vegans we like to meet each other 🙂 We started to talk about Veganism, Cowspiracy, Dr Will Tuttle (who happened to be one of their closest friends!!), we spoke about spirituality, mindfulness and about being part of a positive global change. It was awesome 🙂

I only discovered later that this beautiful couple from Hawaii are traveling the world teaching mindfulness and compassion based programs. Their newsletter is always an inspiration and so I am sharing that inspiration with you. This text comes from one of their latest ones:

“The essential power and presence of true ‘authentic leadership’ emanates from the fathomless depths of the nature of mind, which is a limitless clear expanse of creative awareness and intuitive wisdom.  The “manager mind” functions of mind are related to the myriad ways that we engage with the contents of mind – the thoughts, perceptions, mindstates, intentions, etc. that emanate from that nature of mind.  Our wisdom in living and working skillfully with these innate human resources reflects the capacity for mind-fitness and the depth of wisdom that we have cultivated and refined through the learning journey of our lives.  As we train our minds, we change our brains, and transform our world”.

More about this inspirational couple:



The man without words

together we can graffiti

This evening I was on my way to a yoga class. Having been out already for the day and the morning started much more promising than it later turned out, I decided that being warm inside was a much better idea than going home after a hot yoga class in the cold weather in my spring outfit. So I decided to turn around and go back home.

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Care about people/animals and/or our planet? Watch Cowspiracy!


The documentary Cowpsiracy is a must see for anyone who cares about the future of our planet and/or animal welfare.
Never before in the history of our world has it become this urgent for us to wake up and start making adjustments in our lives which will enhance a positive global change.

The documentary does not show any torturing of animals with undercover cameras but it does show how destructive the production of meat and dairy is to our planet and how it affects everyone.

You are also involved. Will you be on the problem side or will you be part of the solution?

The choice is yours