Sweet Potato Mushroom Soup with Veggie Croutons

purple potato mushroom soup with veggie croutons

This purple sweet potato mushroom soup is filled with good nutrients and happy to say that my little one’s loved it too!

I love soups, not only because they are so incredibly good tasting but they’re also so quick and easy to prepare and good filling for big as well as little stomachs.

I like to prepare some foods in bulk so I can use them for more recipes. Thats what I did with the sweet potatoes which not only went into this soup but I kept some apart and cut in cubes to put in the salad which my boys had for lunch at school the next day. They also had mushroom/oat burgers hence why I made extra mushrooms.


Makes 4 bowls


For the Soup:

6 good sized (purple) sweet potatoes

2 cups mushrooms

2 1/2 cup plant based milk (I use oat)

1 table spoons liquid aminos (I use Braggs) or good salt (like celtic)

3 tablespoons nutritional yeast (Braggs)

1 full tablespoon cumin seeds

Optional garlic/onion (if in a rush no need, tastes also very good without)

Green leafy veggies

Green leafy veggies

For the Pesto:

6 cups Kale or any other green leafy vegetable (or more, you can never get too many greens!)

Small handful sunflower or pumpkin seeds

1/2 teaspoon liquid aminos

1 table spoon nutritional yeast

Optional: fresh chili (for the grown ups)

4 slices tasted sourdough toast


Cooking pan

Baking pan (wok)





Wash the sweet potatoes and bring them to boil (leave skin)

Wash the mushrooms and place them in the wok (no oil needed)

Add the 1 1/2 cup plant based milk, liquid aminos, nutritional yeast and cumin seeds and let it cook until the milk is almost fully absorbed (occasionally stir)

Put the mushrooms in your food processor, add a bit of p.b. milk to make sure it can blend well and becomes like a thick sauce

Peel the cooked sweet potatoes, put them in blender, add the mushroom mix, 1 cup p.b. milk and 2 cups of water (add more milk or water depending on how thick you like your soup)


Bake the pumpkin/sunflower seeds in the liquid aminos

Lower heat, add green leafy veggies and nutritional yeast

As soon as veggies shrink (less than a minute), remove from heat

Put the veggies in food processor. If you like spicy add fresh chili or make some separate if little one’s are eating with you.

Toast the sourdough, add the pesto, cut in small cubes and layer on top off your warm soup.

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