Vegan Probiotic Coconut Yoghurt Recipe

vegan probiotic coconut yoghurt

I am blessed to live on a tropical coconut island in Thailand where I am surrounded by the most yummiest coconuts. I obviously make many different coconut recipes and this vegan probiotic coconut yoghurt recipe is one of my favorites.

I like my food healthy, yummy, kind and easy and this probiotic coconut yoghurt fits this perfectly. Besides being a delicious and healthy breakfast option, this yoghurt is also very beneficial for your digestion due to the presence of lauric acid which kills harmful bacteria, fungus and viruses. The probiotics which you add are loaded with friendly bacteria that promote healthy digestion and boost your immune system. If you let your children taste this before they get to know the sweet tastes of sugary foods, they might get used to it and will be able to enjoy this very healthy probiotic yoghurt too.

Makes 1 divine bol


1 Coconut (make sure the coconut meat is thick and white)

Juice of half a lime (or lemon but then use juice of 1/4 lemon, I do prefer lime)

Splash of coconut milk

1 probiotic capsule



Cheese cloth



Cut the coconut open with a specific large chopping knife.  See the video here how to open a coconut.  Poor the coconut water in a large glass and enjoy this natural electrolyte drink. With a spoon scoop out the meat ( you might need a table knife for where you can’t reach with your spoon).

Put the meat in a grinder, add the lime/lemon juice + the *splash coconut milk(about 1 full tablespoon or more if you like it creamy) and blend at high speed until you get a rich creamy texture.

Put the mix in a bowl and sprinkle the content of 1 probiotic capsule over the coconut blend, mix with a clean spoon.

Cover with a cheese cloth and store in the fridge over night or at least for 7 hours.

* I don’t always use coconut milk, it works very well without too, it just makes it easier to make it smooth.

I love it just like this but you may want to add some coconut nectar or good agave syrup.

Also a perfect base for your vegan probiotic coconut yoghurt smoothie bowl. Enjoy!!


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